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Delicious, Convenient, Service minded
Kinkao - Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

Our Master Kitchen is in Wishbeer Home Bar in Phrakanong and meet all the standards of health, safety, equipments and ventilation.
Kinkao - High Quality Food

High Quality Food

We take pride in sourcing the highest-quality ingredients from our network of suppliers:  farmers, fisheries and ranchers each week.
Kinkao - Top Chefs

Top Chefs

Chef Kevin Cape has studying ingredients and techniques used all around the world and has transmited his knowledge to our chef’s network.
Kinkao - Services


We listen to your needs and build a unique solution according to your taste and budget using our venue or your home or office.


"None of us is as smart as all of us"
Ken Blanchard


Co-Founder & Visionary

Entrepreneur with 10 years experience in Thailand, I have built strong partnerships and sales teams for several online companies. My goal’s Kinkao to be:  “La crème de la crème”


Co-Founder & Executioner

Young Thai entrepreneur with passion for food and startup. Grown up in Seattle, I have worked with the fastest growing tech companies such as TenCent and Groupon.


Partner & Chef Guru

40 years experience working with the major companies in the hotel industry. Chef Kevin Cape love to take the very best and combine them in a very unique way.


Partner & Money Watcher

Founder & CEO of 2 startups, Wishbeer (Online Beer Store), and Plizz (Accounting Services), I usually love doing numbers just before having a beer.

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